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Welcome To Diamondhope Enterprises

Happy 2004

Beginnings.  We all face beginnings, sometimes as one year becomes another, often because some event in our life signals an ending, and we have no choice.

As 2004 begins, best wishes from the Diamondhope family--may your year bring you the best, and be as free from pain and worry as years ever are.

Educators, check out the Classroom Corner if you get a chance. I'll update it sometime between now and later, I promise!

Let's see...words of wisdom for writers? . . .I'm thinking, I'm thinking. I could tell my latest rejection story, but then I'd "bottom" out again.

Do writers face the same crisis at some point in our lives as other addicts do? At what point do we decide that we always just "wrote for ourselves?" When faceless editors crawl out from the charred ruins of our latest great works? When we build rustic cabins from rejected poetry manuscripts? Maybe some of us never do escape our addiction. Oh, well.

* * *

The events of September 11, 2001 have changed the United States and the world forever. To all those who suffer from the enormous loss, bless you. May you find comfort in the unprecedented unity of the United States in these dark moments. God bless America, and keep her--and us.

Diamondhope Enterprises is my personal web site. I'm Leslie Garcia, author of Love's Lasting Song (see below) but enough about me. Actually, for more, see the "About" page. Diamond Hope Enterprises offers items of interest to educators, writers, and the occasional pet lover. Problems in some of the features, like the guest book, may soon be a thing of the past. Watch these pages for a whole new look, coming soon!

A Confession. . . If this front page seems put together a little haphazardly, give yourself a gold star or two--I erased the updates before they finished saving, and lost the old and the new material!

I tried hard to remember the information I had here previously, but I don't even remember my gingko bilboa most days. I've been known to ask colleagues my name before signing in or out some days. .

Trying to find the perfect dog? Check out some observations on two possible choices, the rottweiler and the great dane, on the Critters page, as well as commentary on the upcoming running of the Kentucky Derby.  (The beauty of getting behind a year or two on updates is that major events tend to be annual and easily brought up to speed!)

Don't forget to vist RioRendezvous, sister to this site. Rio Rendezvous offers similar material in an extended format. Find special gifts, read reviews, and sit a spell in the room looking out on the Rio Grande...

Violence, high school graduates who can't read or write, teachers engaged in a variety of disreputable practices--complaints about public education are unending.

As an educator, I dispute some of the charges, but am interested in broader perspectives--so make your voices heard! Visit the Classroom Corner to vote in this month's poll on the top problems in public education.

And if the questions aren't right--hop on over and post to one of the message boards! Just look for the "News and Notes" links at the bottom of the Classroom Corner page to make your views known!


The family that writes together. . .well, maybe not. Although family members have scattered here and there, writing remains a common threat tying us together. Sister Stephanie Parker Logue now has three Christian suspense novels out, and is marketing a fourth. "Little" sister Vicky also writes, and my daughters are working on a book of poetry.

Fellow writers will understand when I say that while I've always written, I haven't always known why. Rejections can hurt!

The idea of the solitary writer may be appealing, but my revelation of late is that support helps. After joining a chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America), I realized quite belatedly how useful--and reassuring--good contacts can be. Many writers I've corresponded with online are unsure that the fees to join organizations in their genre are worthwhile, and I can only say that in my case, they have been. While joining a local chapter usually requires membership in the national organization, which may or may not be particularly useful, having a writing "family" nearby can encourage and enlighten.

In addition to finding support through writers' organizations, authors today have resources never before available through the internet. There are sites galore, both of general and specific interest. In fact, if the internet has a drawback, I think it must be that there isn't time enough in a day to keep up with all the information available. Some of my favorite writing sites are listed on the Links page. Some of these sites are not the best known or fanciest, but the people who moderate them seem genuinely passionate about writing.

There are some sites, such as Red Writing Hood.com and The Writer's Wall, that encourage writers to post work, so that writing may be polished and critiqued. Others, like Road to Romanceallow novices the same opportunity for exposure that established writers receive.

Looking for perfect summer reading? How about. . . Romance and suspense on a Texas hill country dude ranch...served up fresh in the new Christian suspense novel Shadow Chase, by Stephanie P. Logue.

Shadow Chase becomes the third of the "Shadow" triology, stretching from the barren Nevada desert into the green and brown Texas hills. Each suspense novel is written with a clear Christian message, and presents vivid, unforgettable characters.

Like Heart Shadows and Until the Shadows Flee, you can purchase Shadow Chase from iUniverse. com, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or your local bookstore. Or, order a signed copy from Stephanie by visiting her page at Authors Den.com.



Check RioRomance for bibs, mugs, and other gift items and collectibles.  Great danes, collies or cats, the original "A Teacher's Prayer" Collector's Box, or a bib that lets your darling "drool with the big girls" can be purchased with the click of a button at RioRomance.  Pictured at right:  Great Dane Coaster, perfect for Dane lovers, party people or recovered workaholics, and "A Teacher's Prayer" Tile Keeper Box.  Click on the link below to see more original items.


Barnes& Noble.com

Love's Lasting Song. . .
The sizzling Laredo sun burns. . .and romance returns to the fabled "streets of Laredo" in this debut romance novel, Love's Lasting Song. Meet Joaquin Gonzalez, international singing star, and reporter Julie Barnes, a young woman determined to succeed within the limits of her own carefully defined terms. . .and then she kisses the horse. (Yes, horse. Frogs have been done to death.)

Close your eyes, think of the sexiest voice you ever heard, singing just for you. . .and don't miss Love's Lasting Song.

Love's Lasting Song
Love's Lasting Song